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Tommy's Holiday Camp

Warning: Contents are highly flammable
1 March 1991
a hard day's night, abbey road, alice cooper, andy warhol, badfinger, beatles, bill wyman, biting, bob dylan, boston, brian epstein, brian jones, brian may, buddy holly, ccr, charlie watts, cheeseburgers, chinese food, chocolate milk, christmas, classic rock, computers, cookies, david bowie, deep purple, derek taylor, dhani harrison, drummers, eggrolls, elton john, england, eric clapton, fleetwood mac, food, forty licks, freddie mercury, french toast, george harrison, george martin, gimme shelter, grilled cheese, guitar, guitars, gummi bears, hamburgers, help!, hippies, hot chocolate, i am the walrus, icons, ipods, iron chef, jeopardy, jethro tull, jim morrison, john deacon, john entwistle, john lennon, keith moon, keith richards, laughing, let it be, liverpool, love, macaroni and cheese, magical mystery tour, marshmallows, mick jagger, mick taylor, milkshakes, movies, music, musicals, oprah, pancakes, paul mccartney, paul mccartney & wings, pete townshend, piano, pink floyd, pizza, potato pancakes, potatoes, presents, queen, rain, record players, records, revolver, ringo starr, rock and roll, roger daltrey, roger taylor, ronnie wood, rubber soul, santana, screaming, seinfeld, sgt. pepper, simon & garfunkel, singers, singing, sleep, slippers, smoothies, steve miller band, strawberries, supertramp, sweet, that 70's show, the beach boys, the beatles, the byrds, the doors, the eagles, the guess who, the kids are alright, the moody blues, the police, the price is right, the rolling stones, the wall, the who, toe socks, tom petty, tommy, tomorrow never knows, waffles, wayne's world, wayne's world 2, weekends, wish you were here, yellow, yellow submarine, yoko ono, zz top